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Vertical gardens in Mexico City to combat pollution

Vertical gardens in Mexico City

Vertical gardens in Mexico City to combat pollution : Mexico City’s roadways are going green as highway columns are turned into vertical gardens. Mexico become a role model for the world by implimating innovative ideas to fight against air pollution .

To counter the air pollution Mexico turned its highway pillars into a vertical garden. To reduces the harmful effects of air pollution and to increase the greenery of the city, Mexico has started a project called ‘Via Verde’.

Vertical gardens in Mexico City to combat pollution
Vertical gardens in Mexico City to combat pollution

By this project, nearly 60,000 m2 of vertical gardens have been installed on more than 1000-1200 pillars. Nearly 27 km of busy motorways are now turned into vertical garden. It also has a hydroponic system to collect rain water automatically. This project was lunched in the year of 2016 and started in 2017.

As per the data, this garden may produce oxygen for nearly 25,000 people and can filter 27,000 tons of gases. The entire system can capture nearly 11,000 ponds of dust.

It has enhanced the beauty of the city and also helps to reduce air pollution by increasing the oxygen. Although it is not a new technique, its implementation is very difficult but not impossible. To make it in reality both the government and local people are responsible.

Vertical gardens: Vertical gardens are the garden where plants grow vertically. People made such gardens in fences, walls, trellises, etc.

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